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How do I register at™?

To register at™ on the web at

1. Open in your web browser on your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

If you have already registered and used the™ app on your smartphone/tablet, follow these instructions: Login

2. Enter your email address that you can access and click on submit.

The email address must be written in lower case, otherwise it will be displayed as invalid.

3. Skip the point RefCode.

If you cannot skip this point, enter the RefCode of your friend or referrer.

4. Insert your first and last name.

5. Choose your username.

6. Copy/save your password. You can change it later on the web or in the app.

How to change your password on the web.
How to change your password in the app.

7. Enter your date of birth.

8. Accept the terms of use by sliding the switch to the right.

9. Check your emails. We have sent you a confirmation/verification code to your registered email address. Please check the spam folder if necessary. This process may take a few minutes. Please be patient.

10. Now insert the confirmation/verification code you received in your email into the field Confirmation Code and click on confirm.

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